Anytime Anywhere

Registration not required. Buy and Use. Plug into your phone and use at once.

Many Countries

Data roaming in over 100 countries. Never disconnected.

Honest Price

No ripe off pricing. No hidden terms and conditions. Honest package all service.

Prepaid Calling Cards

By accessing our dialin prefix 1526 user of the card can make super economic long distance calls to international destination. Our legendary prepaid calling cards have been serving our user groups for years with suberb reputation.

Prepaid SIM Cards

Without prior registration, user can access Hong Kong 4G data with this plug and play prepaid data sim card. We also have local voice and data sim card which is still one of the best-seller in the Hong Kong.

Roaming Data SIM Cards
Hong Kong and Macau
South Korea

Our internationa data roaming prepaid card can keep your connectivity while you are travelling. Destinations of roaming countries spans all over the world.

We welcome custom tailor bulk order as corporate premium or white label for alternate commercial use.

About Us

Info Rainbow Limited is a Hong Kong based company with core business of marketing and selling of consumer end telecom services to various regional markets and segments.

Incorproated in 2012, we are a company who realised the growing evolved requirements of telecommunication services from both end user segment and corresponding marketing and service delivery due to continue technology evolvement as well as changing consi,er behavior and buying practice.

Our markets cover Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, USA and keep expanding to other countries and regions that has similar demands on integrated telecom services with trendy service purchase and delivery media, while keeping at the same time the traditional windows open for smooth market migration between new landscape and old landscape.

Core business includes Prepaid Calling Cards, Prepaid SIM Cards, International Mobile Data Services, customised telecom solution for corporate and special market segments, mobile apps development, mobile marketing consultation.

In the upcoming periods, in additional to normal operations and goal for expand business coverage, on-going mobile solution related development such as mobile remittace and mobile payment, and mobile e-commerce platform that can cross industries to create multi dimension extra value with our customers and partners.